Decloaking and Living Authentically

Rediscovering & Reclaiming Ceremony!

Through Conversation, Ceremony & Movement 

[ September 15th – 19th, 2014 ]

Decloaking is an opportunity to uncover and rediscover the sacred Self within. Too often, we hide our true self, cloak it in our stories of what we can do, say, touch, hear, believe and know.

I believe each of us is an Immense Spirit Essence.  We have been taught not to own that.

Are you ready to claim & rediscover the Ceremony that you are?  This process will help you engage in the Sacred being at the centre.  We have not been taught that is who we are or even to hold us in reverence.

For me engaging this experience is an awakening of the sacred – true Self.  We are truly ancient ceremony at the centre of us.  Our Spirit knows it.  We are not who we think we are…

It is an opportunity to engage with the Spirit Force of you.

 Are you living the life you want…or the one you think you’re stuck with?

                  What are you creating for yourself and your loved ones?

 What are you waiting for?

What to Expect:

Unlike other experiences, this program is a powerful, potent, intimately personal conversation with a small group of women.

Through this experience you will engage the space within and allow it to unfold safely at all levels – physical, behavioral, spiritually and emotionally.  Imagine people and conversations that will offer you respect, consideration and tremendous support to become who you are destined to become. Along the way, you decide how far and how fast you want to engage.

Whether it is your first experience or you are re-engaging, Decloaking is discovering that the connection to Self, resides inside the body where Spirit meets tissue. We live in a world where we have become conditioned to attune to our outside experiences rather than engaging with self. Decloaking is the invitation to spend 5 days awakening to our own deep internal cues and come to trust ourselves and our experiences from the inside out.

Information and experiences will begin to flow in the tissue of your body letting you know what your body has long known. This experience in tissue will become the gateway to your own internal transformation as you come to trust yourself and your own innate depths. You will discover you are the one that you seek on your journey of life.

We will be combining movement throughout this experience and we will include a sweat lodge experience. Are you ready to engage in self-discovery, self-knowledge and self-awareness?   Are you ready to engage in becoming who you are meant to become? Join us for this 5 day experience that will change your life!

Co-creation by


Betty Carr-Braint lives as an elemental being fearlessly, inviting those who want to transform their lives, to share in her knowledge and process of learning. She is a WEL-Systems® Institute Affiliate, Certified CODE Model Coach™, MSW infused with Indigenous Knowledge, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.


Nancy Hanlon is passionate about offering authentic movement and conversation, with those that hear the call to Awaken and live fully.  She is a WEL-Systems® Institute Affiliate, Certified CODE Model Coach™, MSW, Certified Instructor of Nia, and multiple dance forms.


 To register contact: 

Nancy Hanlon, MSW, RSW
Registered CODE Model Coach™
WEL-Systems® Facilitator
Nia Brown Belt Instructor

Phone: 902-754-7843

Live, Love, Laugh and Dance